One shared vision


Ours is the story of a seemingly unlikely partnership of a Seattle architect and a construction manager from Pittsburgh. Jim and Bob seemed unlikely to meet, let alone start a company.

But the common themes quickly emerge: Both were raised in the Midwest by hard-working families that take pride in a job well done. They had each devoted a significant portion of their respective careers to working with community-focused organizations. Both had also worked in design and construction for a long time and wanted to do things better, to make a real difference to their clients and communities.

Bob and Jim built a company focused on doing two things exceptionally well:

  1. Serve community-focused organizations by delivering buildings that express the best aspirations of the institutions they serve.
  2. Create one seamless experience for the client, where the only surprise is how efficient and rewarding the process is.

Their vision and focus have attracted world-class professionals who could probably work anywhere they want, but chose Momentum for its culture and commitment to improving communities.

Our story is still unfolding. We look forward to writing the next chapter with you.

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