Colin Winters

LEED AP BD+C, DBIA / Senior Director of Client Services, Project Delivery

Colin takes projects from design phase to construction, making sure every intention of the project is carried out smoothly, efficiently, and to the letter. He’s been managing design-build projects for 19 years, and he sees keeping clients happy and ensuring the delivered projects are held to the highest standard of quality as the most important parts of the job.

He believes his work is just as much about building relationships as it is building buildings, and that’s what gives him the passion to do excellent work.

After nine years here, I still have clients that I’ve had from day one. They feel almost like family to me. I try to stop in to see my clients and say ‘hi’ if I happen to be in the area. For me, the relationship is personal, not just business.”

Colin will work around the clock to take care of clients and make sure projects are done well, but his true devotion is to his two young sons. In his free time he swims and plays soccer with his sons and enjoys watching Huskies and Seahawks games with them.

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