Great outcomes start with deep subject matter expertise

When you meet with our team you might notice a gray hair or two (or three) and although we’d all like to be a little younger sometimes, when it comes to work experience, that’s a good thing. That’s because we’ve earned our stripes planning, designing, and building projects just like yours for decades.  

How do we do it? Over the years, we have developed a powerful process for engaging clients in shaping the strategic direction of their facilities. It is this unique process — one which gives everyone complete visibility into the mission — that sets us apart. We fully engage all stakeholders in the process, collaborating on the purpose, end uses, and possible future needs for any given project. Spending the time up front to understand your needs (and get the solution right) is the foundation of our reputation. It’s also the cornerstone for successful projects and consistent results.

Regardless of the project size or complexity, Momentum has provided the expertise to keep things on task and within budget. Momentum has also been a consummate advocate for Thiel College. They always have our interests in mind when making short- and long-term recommendations or decisions. There are many choices in the industry. But I believe Momentum is one of the best in terms of cost, effectiveness, and efficiency.”

Bob Schmoll, Vice President for Finance and Management / Thiel College

Each stage of Momentum’s end-to-end suite of integrated services (plan, design, build) leverages best-of-breed technologies, experience, and industry best practices. Collectively, these services provide a framework for client growth and success.

Through a collaborative and transparent process, our focus is on helping clients achieve long-term objectives and return on investment. We recognize that our clients’ success is much more than a single building, and we put that knowledge to work for you every day. 

Listen to a recent radio interview where Jim Haack, our president, describes the problems we solve. (1:50) 

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