Integrated Project Delivery

Partnership defined by common goals

Does your organization achieve higher levels of project success with optimal team member collaboration?  So does ours. Building project delivery, from early requirements definition, to occupancy and commissioning, is most successful when team members collaborate at the highest levels, and through all project phases. Integrated Project Delivery leverages the expertise of all team members through highly effective collaboration towards a common vision of project success.

The first step is to make sure primary project participants are integrated into project planning and design as early as possible. These team members include the project Owner, Builder, and Architect, but also design consultants and subcontractors. The key is to obtain early input from disciplines and trade contractors whose advanced knowledge will have the highest impact on the project design and cost.

Momentum’s project process philosophy is calibrated towards Integrated Project Delivery, a method for which the American Institute of Architects has identified 9 principles:

  • Mutual respect and trust – commitment to working as a team in the best interests of the project
  • Mutual benefit and reward – compensation based on value added to the project
  • Collaborative innovation and decision making – encouraging the free exchange of ideas
  • Early involvement of key participants – decisions have their greatest effect at earlier project stages
  • Early goal definition – goals are understood, agreed upon, and respected by all participants
  • Intensified planning – efforts in planning yield efficiency and savings during execution
  • Open communication – team performance focus yields open, direct, and honest communication
  • Appropriate technology – interoperable technology should maximize the efficient share of information 
  • Organization and leadership – roles are clearly defined and experts lead in their area of competence

How does our team turn all the blood, sweat and tears we put into every plan and design into a resounding success? Integrated execution.


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