Real Estate Development

Finding a perfect location with accurate data intelligence

Securing the right property or lease space can be a daunting task. Without well-defined selection criteria, an organization’s market inquiry is often met with a deluge of available properties, and a dearth of appropriate solutions. Once a location with high potential surfaces, it takes careful analysis to affirm that it can actually deliver the expected outcome. The consequence of a poorly selected site is often too large to comprehend. Many firms bear this risk internally, but why not allocate this risk to a partner? One who has aligned their process towards your strategic objectives, and who has the expertise and experience to deliver with confidence.

Site Acquisition and Development Management Services

Our project management team knows how to work with brokers and turn a fire-hose of information into a carefully curated short-list of opportunities. We individually weigh the benefits of each option, secure the appropriate professional opinion, and help our clients select the best real estate opportunity. From there, we manage a process that helps ready a site to deliver an organization’s building strategy. This process typically includes many of the following steps:

  • Program and process management
  • Market analysis
  • Site-selection criteria
  • Broker selection and management
  • Space test fits
  • Conceptual site-planning
  • Zoning code review
  • Site due-diligence
  • Professional site studies management
  • Lease and purchase and sales agreement assistance

Alternate Delivery Methods

Competing business needs, complex organizational financial strategies, and tight real estate markets sometimes necessitate a fresh look at what is the optimal path towards securing real estate. Be it a retail branch, an operations workplace, or a student housing facility, our partners have one thing in common: They intend to use their buildings to reach a higher level of organizational performance. Our team is able to match our partner’s building strategy with industry financial resources, to create finely tailored alternate ownership and management structures that can include:

  • Build to suit
  • Design-Build-Operate-Maintain
  • Develop and lease-back
  • Branch network portfolio investment/ Sale leaseback


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