Effective Workplace Expertise

Use Space Strategically to Drive Higher Engagement

Workplace Planning and Design

As former Campbell Soup CEO Doug Conant said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”.  Momentum’s team delivers workplace wins – recognized in terms of accommodated growth,  heightened engagement, improved collaboration, more successful recruiting, impacted health and wellness, and eased change processes.  We work with our clients to document multi-year workplace program strategies that include:

  • Staffing and space needs projections
  • Owner’s workplace program requirements
  • Real estate search specification and management
  • Adjacency planning
  • Space planning
  • Integrated furniture solutions
  • Technology recommendations
  • Culture and brand integration
  • Building design
  • Change management
  • LEED and green design integration

Workplace Environment Effectiveness Benchmarking

When one of our clients realized their annual per-employee compensation was over 5X that same employee’s annual real-estate footprint cost, it became clear that an analytical approach was necessary to understand how the workplace could be leveraged as a tool towards higher organizational  performance. In partnership with The Leesman Index, we help our clients understand how their current work environments are helping or hindering their teams’ ability to reach higher levels of success.  We then use this invaluable information to both guide a more intelligent workplace design process and measure the success of workplace transformation initiatives.

Total Investment Analysis (TIA)

Total Investment Analysis (TIA) is a proprietary Momentum analytical tool to help organizations conceptualize the total costs involved with owning and operating a workplace facility.  It is rooted in the fundamentals of life-cycle cost analysis, and considers acquisition, design, and development costs, operations and maintenance costs, and the cost of employees staffed in a workplace facility.  This unique methodology provides visibility into how improvements in workplace and building performance can generate a greater return on investment.

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