Workplace Solutions

Effective Workplace Strategy

We believe that a workplace is more than the sum of its components. It’s a place where people spend a third of their waking lives, and it has a huge impact on the work they do. This is why we look beyond design tends and the open-office debate and dig deep into what kind of work your staff is doing and how they are supported by their workspaces. With our workplace data partner, Leesman, we gather extensive data about your workplace and use that information to inform the design process and create spaces where your organization and employees will thrive.

Long Term Facility Solutions

We don’t just plan for today, we help you understand and maximize the long-term impact a workplace will have on your organization. From staff growth to the evolution in the way work is done, we deliver facilities that continue to perform throughout their lifecycle.

The National Institute of Building Scientists estimates that the design and construction of a building account for just 2% of its lifecycle cost. When you consider the impact that the design of a building has on the other 98% of its lifecycle costs, such as maintenance, energy usage, and employee productivity, up front investments in sustainable, data driven design can pay dividends.

Engaged and Productive Workforce

Low employee engagement and productivity is a silent crisis in today’s workplaces. According to Gallup, only 33% of workers are actively engaged with their work. And our workplace data partner, Leesman, reports that only half of their respondents believe that their workplace enables their productivity.

The work we do is shifting from routine task completion to higher level, project based work, and traditional workplaces fail to effectively support employees and the work they are doing. We can help you change this through a comprehensive strategy centered around a supportive physical workplace.

Integrated Project Delivery

We do things a differently than the traditional process of hiring an architect for design and then bidding out work. We use an integrated process called Design Build, bringing the entire project team together from the beginning and delivering turnkey solutions with a single point of contact.

This level of collaboration brings predictability and cost savings to projects. The design team is able to communicate with vendors and the construction team to estimate costs and schedule requirements from the beginning, which reduces the need for revisions and allows us to effectively deliver projects that fit your budget and timeline.


Credit Unions and Community Banks lead the way in promoting environmental sustainability and healthy communities. We’re here to support your organization through sustainable designs, construction techniques, and occupancy strategies. Most of our clients have pursued and earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for their facilities, a distinction that sets them apart from other financial institutions.

LEED Certified building use less water, energy, and natural resources while promoting the health of their occupants, and owners see significant cost savings.

Real Estate Strategy

Our project management team has the answers to your real estate problems. We work with brokers and turn the firehose of information into a carefully curated short-list of opportunities that have the best fit for your situation, based on an analysis of the local markets and the project site requirements.

We leave no stone unturned during our due diligence process, ensuring that there are no surprises when the project enters the construction phase.

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