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Kicking off a branch transformation project is tough, but we’ve got your back!

If your buildings aren’t designed to support the people who actually use them then you are missing out on having places where employees love to work, and members love to visit. Can you imagine the impact if your branches were transformed to maximize the wellbeing and experience of your team members? HAPO Credit Union could, and they used this idea as a leading objective to guide their recent branch transformation. Now open for business, HAPO will be the world’s first credit union with a branch certified to enhance the wellbeing of its human occupants.

Kicking off a branch transformation project is tough. By being clear with your objectives, like HAPO was, your team is one step closer to delivering a successful branch transformation. Momentum has your back with our Branch Transformation Planning Kit, a set of high-level worksheets and documents meant to guide you through the process of kicking off a branch transformation project – leading you through such steps as identifying objectives, defining success, and even issuing an effective RFP. All the while you’ll document the process, get stakeholders on board, and build a strong business case for your project. Download a copy and get your project started today!

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With this kit you’ll…

Define Your Requirements
Formulate a Plan
Build a List of Requirements
Bring Project Stakeholders on Board
Select Partners with a Value Based RFP
Build Your Team
Kick off a Project that Delivers Success!


Branch Transformation Activity Sheets [PDF]
Selecting the Best Partner for a Credit Union Facilities Project [PDF]
RFP Template [Word Document]
Weighted Proposal Scorecard [Excel Spreadsheet]

Or download a zip file containing all four parts.

This is the most detailed and comprehensive project kick-off guide available for credit union executives. Download it and start your next project today!

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