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Momentum is your strategic design-build partner.

Momentum helps credit unions, community banks, colleges, and other purpose-driven organizations achieve their goals through high-performing buildings. The best workplaces strengthen team productivity, collaboration, and engagement. And the best retail branches deliver exceptional customer experiences, both physical and digital. We approach each project with an integrated process based on open communication and active collaboration.


We involve the right people early to ensure all decisions support your business goals.


We design spaces that create connections, where people love to work and visit.


We deliver brand-inspired buildings that reflect and strengthen communities.

Momentum really shined through in their planning and execution. They completed the project on time and on budget.”

Ernesto Flores, President & CEO / Camino Federal Credit Union

Market Intelligence

Do you have a strong process in place for evaluating your branch network? How would you determine the impact of relocating an existing branch, or which new locations would result in the highest deposit growth?

We use cutting-edge predictive modeling to analyze where neighborhoods are headed, turning billions of data points into specific, actionable branch network recommendations. Out-of-the-box software can give you great visualizations of historical data, but we can show you the future impact of strategic decisions through predictive analytics. Which would you rather take to the board?


Retail Branch Strategy

The key to designing a high-performing branch is to focus on customer needs while unifying the experience across physical and digital channels. Financial institutions must create welcoming, immersive branch environments that are easy to navigate, enhanced with the right technology, and inspired by brand and culture to drive consistent, high-value interactions with your customers.


Momentum’s assistance was significant. The new layout enables us to implement a different style of service delivery—a retail style that is more interactive and open to accommodate more member interaction and engagement.”

Greg Sassaman, President & CEO / RiverFall Credit Union

Workplace Strategy

We look beyond design trends and approach each project as a unique opportunity to support your team’s performance. We start by gathering extensive data about your work environment (with our workplace data partner, Leesman), and how your employees interact within the space. We use this data to design spaces that promote employee interactions and engagement. The result is high-performing spaces designed to help your organization and your employees thrive.


We came out with a wonderful building that has all the qualities we were hoping for. Departments are in the proper location, we have room for many additional staff members, and our members enjoy the inviting, roomy, and comfortable public spaces.”

Erich Schaefer, President / Golden Plains Credit Union

Real Estate Procurement

Selecting and procuring the right location for your branch or headquarters is a complex task with enormous implications for your employees, members, and customers. Our experienced team helps you develop the site criteria, analyze the financial considerations, and facilitate the procurement process, so you can move forward with confidence.

Digital Integration

New technology plays a role in many projects, but we believe that a sound technology strategy should be driven by objectives, not by simply what’s new. We recommend technology that helps you create digital and physical experiences that work seamlessly for your customers and workplace culture, for enhanced efficiency and a better experience all around.


Our members aren’t coming in for simple transactions as often because most can be done electronically. The new Hazel Dell branch helps us answer their questions and set up accounts on their phone or computer. This consultative approach helps us customize the member experience.”

Jeff Kennedy, President & CEO / TwinStar Credit Union

Brand Integration

Your brand is much more than just your logo and color palette; it shapes your physical space and your digital experience. It determines how you stand out from your competition and how you interact with your customers. Throughout the process, we work closely with you to translate your unique brand into buildings designed for more meaningful, authentic connections.


Higher Education

A campus is more than just a collection of buildings, it plays a major role in shaping the culture and impact of a college. It helps to attract and retain the best students. And most importantly, it helps build a sense of community. Through our innovative process we bring every stakeholder together to help colleges develop more relevant master plans, secure funding for new projects, and deliver versatile, future-focused buildings that get the most out of limited budgets with as little headache as possible. Our design-build process has given us a reputation of delivering projects as promised, on-time and under budget while alleviating stress on internal teams.


Momentum understands our organization’s goals and structure, and the purpose of how we serve our members. They translated this understanding into a branch design that aligns with our culture and brand.”

Ed Stofko, President & CEO / Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Design and construction actually accounts for just a small percentage of the long-term costs of a building. From projecting staff growth to accounting for future maintenance and energy costs, we help you understand the impacts of your decisions and make choices now that will benefit your organization in the future.

Design for Wellness

Design for Wellness

The physical work environment can have an enormous impact on stress levels and employee engagement. Buildings that support healthy environments lead to happier, more productive employees and lower turnover. We are proficient in the new WELL building standard, a global initiative intended to promote human health and well-being in buildings.

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Our expertise in sustainable design and building has helped many of our clients earn LEED Certification. LEED Certified buildings use less water, energy, and natural resources, which benefits the environment and saves money throughout the life cycle. The LEED designation also demonstrates a clear commitment to sustainability to your employees and community.

Construction Management

Our integrated approach brings our construction team in early to ensure buildability and eliminate surprises. We identify the right systems, local subcontractors, and partners for each project, and we keep the lines of communication open with cloud-based software for real-time collaboration and updates.

Change Management

We believe that successful buildings work harder to support the evolving roles of your employees, but sometimes the resulting benefits and changes can be unfamiliar or unclear. Momentum works with you throughout your project to help build team buy-in early and prepare your employees for the best use of their new work environment.


The Momentum Manifesto: Why Design-Build?

We believe that collaboration and open communication are the foundation of successful projects. In the design-build project model, sharing knowledge and ideas is fundamental.

Design-build breaks down barriers between the designer, the builder, and the people who will actually use the building. The team works together to establish a shared vision of success. Everyone is free to contribute their best ideas at the right time, when they have the greatest chance of improving the project.

On a design-build project, as team members experience the value of integrating diverse viewpoints, they develop trust. Communication increases. Friction decreases. The project takes on its own forward motion, and the sense of tangible progress makes the process energizing and fun.

Design-build eases the fits, starts, and frustrations that often come with complex building projects. When team members are collaborating actively, they can validate ideas, give immediate feedback, and hold each other accountable to the project vision along the way. The average design-build project costs less and is delivered faster, with a higher level of quality. Our partners report better strategic outcomes such as increased productivity and user satisfaction.

At Momentum, we believe a design-build partnership delivers better relationships, and it delivers better buildings.

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