Understanding Workplace Mobility Profiles

The way people work is changing. Gone are the days where almost all employees worked from a single workplace each day. As industries transition from task-based roles to more complex and collaborative project-based work, employees’ mobility profiles are changing. What this means is that they spend more and more time away from a fixed workstation, and more time in breakaway spaces, quiet focus areas, and meeting rooms.

Understanding how your employees work is a powerful strategy for delivering a supportive working environment. One strategy is to classify employees into one of four mobility profiles, which can help you better understand the composition of your workforce.

Take the quiz for yourself or one of your employees to understand their mobility profile and how they can be best supported in your workplace!

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To dive deeper into mobility profiles and learn more about how the workplace is changing, both due to digital transformation and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, download our recent whitepaper. Our analysis of workplace trends is backed up with data gathered from over 1,200 credit union employees.

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