Jay Speidell

Marketing Manager

Jay has a real passion for communication and working with people. Since freshman year of college he has worked for his family’s marketing and business to business consulting firm, only taking a break to work as a kindergarten teacher in Korea for three years.

At Momentum he uses his expertise in marketing content creation to help building owners realize new possibilities and start a discussion around how their organization can benefit from building projects that fit their needs and personality.

This is the work that I’ve been building my career for, and I’m excited to see these incredible, personalized projects take shape from the ground up. Working with Momentum I really feel like I’m adding value to the community as well as our clients’ business.”

Jay is a Virginia native and recently moved to the Seattle area with his wife. They are enjoying the fun city life, mild climate, and incredible outdoor experiences.

He can be found in the mountains during his free time, where he is usually hiking, mountain biking, or helping the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance build new bike trails for a variety of King County and DNR projects.

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