Michael Ward

On-Site Superintendent

Mike has over 20 years of experience in onsite construction supervision. In his early 20s, he began his career in construction designing carpentry, and then transitioned into a project management role as a foreman and onsite superintendent. When he took the job with Momentum three years ago, it was a perfect match. On assignment, he travels to a different city every 18 months, which is a great opportunity to explore new regions and cultures.

After a few months in a new city, Mike can strike up a conversation with anyone on and off a construction site or golf course, just like a local.

Mike takes great pride in his ability to overcome the daily challenges of the job through preparedness, anticipation and creativity. His ability to work with people, including local sub-contractors, architects, employees, inspectors and project managers earns him great respect and trust from our clients.

It’s the great people that persuaded me to accept this job.”

Mike grew up in Port Angeles, Washington and he particularly enjoys hiking, camping and water sports.

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