Mitch Gibbs

On-Site Superintendent

Mitch is a seasoned professional, with over 30 years of experience in commercial construction.

The builder’s gene runs in his family. Mitch’s construction experience began in junior high school when he worked under his oldest brother, who owned a construction company in California. He continued working as a mason for his brother while going to tech school, laying bricks during the day and studying to be an electronic engineer at night.

I appreciate people who are craftsmen — people who take pride in their work and care about details, as I did when I was a carpenter and mason.”

Mitch’s construction background led him to a commercial construction company, where he worked on several Bank of America branches and other financial institutions. He also gained experience in financial retail space design and banking equipment installation.

Mitch enjoys finding great people to get the job done well. In the end, he makes sure that Momentum delivers a high quality product that meets each client’s expectations.

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