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Armco Credit Union – Mars Hub Branch

The Challenge

Deliver a hub branch that supports the credit union’s mission of helping small businesses and members of the community thrive.

Project Background

Armco Credit Union is the second largest credit union in western Pennsylvania, and they had recently established a presence in the hottest growth sector of Pittsburgh through a branch acquisition. But the credit union wanted to establish a more visible presence in the community, with an updated prototype design to support a transition from a transactional focus to concierge service and stronger community engagement.

Momentum performed a market study and embarked on a real-estate search with the credit union. Together, they identified an ideal opportunity in a new 62-acre development site adjacent to once of the main thoroughfares.

Armco Credit Union Community RoomSupporting the Community

The new hub branch features an open, welcoming space focused around teller pods and unassigned hotel offices. When members walk into the space, they are greeted by a staff member who can answer their quick questions, help them with technical issues, and introduce them to an advisor based on their needs for that visit. Armco Credit Union has a diverse range of services, including investments and financial planning, and the unassigned hotel offices lining the branch provide staff an opportunity to move between branch locations and provide specialized services as needed.

Clearly visible from the highway, the new hub stands out and demonstrates Armco’s investment in the local community. This new awareness will help the credit union’s membership base as well as attract top talent.

The branch also represents a significant investment in the local community and surrounding small businesses. The retail space is actually the smallest component of the building, which features a large community room that functions as an event space and small business incubator. The small business landscape is thriving, and by supporting them with this incubator space Armco is exposing more organizations to the credit union movement and expanding their SEG base.

Armco Credit Union ExteriorMomentum Moment

When Armco Credit Union settled on their location in the Whitetail Meadows development, the developer was still in the planning phase. Development projects can be notoriously complex, so Momentum joined the project as a Construction Manager and performed the work in parallel to Armco’s branch project.

The Momentum team performed rigorous due diligence and organized a comprehensive development plan with the developer’s lender to get the project started. Representing both parties, Momentum ensured on-time delivery of site work and critical infrastructure for the retail center and 173 new home sites. As a result, Armco secured an ideal site at a competitive investment level.

The result was a smooth and efficient delivery of the Whitetail Meadows development and an ideal setup for Armco Credit Union’s new branch.

Watch the Branch Come Together

Watch the branch come together through drone footage taken throughout the construction process.

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