Branch Projects
Camino Federal Credit Union

The Challenge

Pack powerful functionality into a small footprint

Project Background

After a period of impressive growth (more than $119 million in assets and more than 12,000 members in multiple districts), Camino Federal Credit Union had recently changed its name from the Montebello Schools Federal Credit Union. It now sought to express a broader mission and scope with an updated visual and physical brand identity.

Additionally, though the location of their Cerritos Branch was ideal, it needed to get considerably more operational functionality out of the existing footprint.

Camino FCU’s executive team turned to Momentum to update the brand, plan the projected space needs, and create the desired operational functionality.

Compact Mini-Branch

Momentum planned every aspect of the space down to the smallest detail to make the best use of the space, with back walls concealing a storage area.

Momentum also collaborated with BOOM Creative to create entirely new branding, retail, and marketing messages, with new logos and authentic imagery featuring credit union members, to be used throughout future Camino branches.

To keep Camino in step with tech-savvy millennials, the team implemented state-of-the-art technology, including an interactive kiosk, iPads for mobile use, and a print-on-demand station.

The result was a brand identity that fulfilled Camino’s aspirations for member engagement, a facility that met its space goals, and a branch identity that will serve its needs for years to come.

Momentum really shined through its planning and execution. The market study and analysis reports were very thorough. They completed the project on-time and on-budget.”

Ernesto Flores, President & CEO / Camino Federal Credit Union

Momentum Moment

The goal of this project was to make a small branch so efficient that size didn’t matter. By creating a design that felt open and utilized universal associates who can help members with all banking services, Momentum created a prototype that packed the functionality and atmosphere of a large branch into 1,887 square feet.

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