Branch Projects
CBC Federal Credit Union

The Challenge

Draw in new members and facilitate deeper relationships through a unique community space.

Project Background

CBC Federal Credit Union’s Camarillo, CA branch had occupied an ideal location for 25 years, but with their branching strategy moving from facilitating transactions to building relationships, the credit union found that the 4,700 square foot footprint was far too large. Instead of a liability, this excess space was recognized as an opportunity to bring in a partner, Dunkin’ Donuts, and create a vibrant community space where members and the general public alike could spend time and enjoy donuts and coffee. The partnership would also bring an unprecedented level of traffic and brand exposure to the credit union.

CBC Federal Credit Union Camarillo BranchA True Community Space

CBC uses a universal associate model where staff can meet members or potential members on their own terms anywhere in the branch. When a member enters the space, they are greeted by a universal associate who discusses the reason for today’s visit. A teller bar is the focal point of the branch, and associates can bring members here to service transactions. For more in-depth conversation or complex services such as loans, staff can invite members to join them in the unassigned offices for more privacy.

The branch seamlessly connects to a shared lobby, where members can wait for services or Dunkin’ customers can enjoy their drinks and donuts while spending time with friends. This is a space where people are welcome to come in and spend time, and while they’re there they are exposed to CBC Federal Credit Union’s brand and introduced to the credit union mission.

Momentum Moment

CBC Federal Credit Union and Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t want to have the appearance that one was an add-on to the building, but rather that they were partners sharing the space. Momentum’s design team created a dynamic visual and physical connection between the two throughout the lobby. Two entrances allow for easy access and circulation, but once inside, visitors can’t discern where one organization’s space begins and the other’s ends. The result is a lobby that feels like a true community space for all visitors to sit and hang out.

Dunkin’ Donuts has longer hours than the credit union, opening earlier and closing later. To secure the credit union space after hours, a 30’ glass partition wall covered with marketing graphics easily slides into place.


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