Branch Projects
CHROME Federal Credit Union

The Challenge

Connect to a carefully defined target member through a precision-crafted, omni-channel experience

Project Background

Surrounded by competition, facing little growth and located in declining markets, two options presented themselves: Do nothing and die a slow death or be merged and die a quick death. When Washington Community Federal Credit Union chose “complete transformation” instead, the team knew they had plenty of homework to do. They started by re-defining whose business they could compete for successfully, and mapping the most meaningful experiences for those members.

Retail Flagship

The CHROME store (the first transformation is the name) was a physical embodiment of a digital banking experience. The Momentum team took this insight, combined it with market analytics and delivered a regional branch delivery strategy designed to support CHROME’s five-year performance goals.

“Number of wows! That’s how we’ll measure the success of this branch.” Only a sophisticated integration of brand expertise, technology insight and exceptional interior design would be able to deliver. While the initial banking relationship may have been secured in a virtual environment, the branch is immediately recognizable to a Chrome member. It provides the same easy experience, exceptional advice and access to the right financial products. It is banking that shines.

The new CHROME store takes the market shift away from transactions one step further. Its members are being educated on how to complete nearly all transactions via their mobile devices. Gone are drive-ups and ATMs. Transaction zones are a fraction of the size they once were. One thing that has taken their place is a business incubator and co-working space. It reflects CHROME’s commitment to their technology minded, small-business targets.

Momentum was invaluable in executing Mr. George’s vision by providing the expertise necessary to transform innovative banking concepts into functional physical space.”

Amanda M. Lunger, Vice President & Chief Brand Officer / CHROME Federal Credit Union

Momentum Moment

CHROME’s design process built on the design of their mobile platform. The branch includes a large vertical monitor resembling a giant mobile phone and a nine screen video wall, interactive features intended to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital platforms. The Momentum Team helped translate CHROME’s strategy objective and specific technology requirements into a physical branch that shares the look and feel of the mobile app.

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