Branch Projects
Fibre Federal Credit Union – Warrenton Branch

Establish TLC Credit Union, now a part of Fibre Federal Credit Union, as a market leader in the Oregon Coast area by creating a branch presence that truly resonates with the community.

Project Background

Fibre Federal Credit Union acquired TLC Credit Union with the goal of expanding their market presence while retaining the well-known and respected TLC brand. The credit union acquired a highly visible property on the corner of Warrenton’s busiest intersection and set out to build a billboard branch celebrating both their brand and northwest roots while announcing their presence to the local community.

Fibre has also established unique and innovative partnership with Red Leaf Organic Coffee, a local café chain founded in Warrenton. This partnership created an opportunity to provide both of their customers with a unique experience they may not get by going a stand-alone coffee shop or credit union.

Celebrating Northwest Roots

Guests at the branch are immediately welcomed with a bright and welcoming atmosphere, with light from the branch’s tall clerestory windows illuminating the exposed cross-laminated timber framing and reclaimed wood paneling. Concrete floors offset the wood tones and ground the space, while frosted trees on the interior windows both enhance the branch’s pacific northwest atmosphere and provide additional privacy in the hotel offices while preserving a feeling of openness. And despite the branch’s efficient use of 3,200 square feet, the lobby and hotel offices feel much larger due to high ceilings and windows.

The branch focuses around a teller line, which helps staff efficiently process transactions. Seating flanks each side of the counter, allowing members to have more in-depth conversations with staff. These conversations are also supported by additional hotel offices, where members can engage in conversations around more complex topics such as wealth management and home lending.

Red Leaf Organic Coffee

Red Leaf Organic Coffee’s in-branch café was designed by Momentum’s team as part of the overall branch design, making it feel like a natural part of the branch. Member conversations often take place over a relaxed cup of coffee, and there is a natural flow between ordering coffee, transactions, and sitting down to relax.

This partnership deepens the community connections for both brands, and further establishes Fibre as a partner in their members’ wellbeing.

Momentum Moment

This branch is a perfect example of what can happen when you have engaged and collaborative stakeholders at every level and design build partners who are committed to bringing our clients’ ideas to life.

Momentum’s designers worked closely with the Fibre team to create a space that was a physical representation of their strong connection to the coastal Oregon community and created a space that is unique to their brand.  Fibre’s input was incredibly valuable in determining what matters to their organization and how best to craft a space that serves their members and their employees, and the uninhibited two-way communication allowed both teams to converge on an ideal strategy and design.

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