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Help the Caldwell community and members thrive with a design and strategy that brings a modern touch attracting new membership while continuing to support existing members.

Project Background

The Caldwell area is booming, with a growing population and new housing developments. Pioneer Federal Credit Union saw an opportunity to support this growth with a new branch that can support efficient transactions and make it easy for staff to deliver personalized concierge service.

Momentum delivered the Caldwell branch project concurrently with Pioneer’s new Mountain Home headquarters, and this was an opportunity for the credit union to create a unifying style for their buildings that celebrates their brand identity in white and blue. Many of the new design elements from the headquarters project were incorporated into this new branch and will serve as a new standard for branches going forward.

Putting Members First

Pioneer Federal Credit Union’s goal with this branch is to provide a blended balance of first-class service with efficient banking technologies. In this branch, people come first. The focus is on a personal touch and conversations, and this is achieved through a design that breaks down barriers between members and staff.

Staff in the Caldwell branch are able to move freely, getting out from behind the pods to greet members and welcome them into the branch and to have conversations where members feel most comfortable. Whether in the lobby, from behind a concierge desk, or in the privacy of a hotel offices, Pioneer’s universal associates have the freedom to help members wherever works best.

This freedom also makes it easy for staff to teach members how to use technology, and this helps members become more comfortable adopting digital services.

The building features a glass community room that opens to the branch lobby with a retractable wall. This room is used for training and events, and can also be used by members of the community. It’s also a great place for staff visiting from the headquarters to work from their laptops. In just seconds it can transform from an extension of the branch to a self-contained room, yet the glass walls surrounding the room and providing plenty of natural light and views of the outdoors maintain an open feeling in the space.

Technology that Enhances Member Experiences

Pioneer Federal Credit UnionPioneer Federal Credit Union’s new Caldwell branch features several PTMs (Personal Teller Machines, or ITMs) as well as a video banking room. These offer members quick and easy access to personal service and human interactions via employees at the credit union’s Mountain Home location about 45 minutes away.

The branch makes using these PTMs natural and painless for members, and just a couple months after opening it’s incredible to see them in action. When members walk in the door to carry out a simple transaction, or when the universal associates are busy, you can see them make a beeline for the PTMs. They are prominently features in the branch lobby, yet the alcoves give members privacy to have personal conversations with the tellers back at the headquarters.

This allows the in-branch staff to spend more time focusing on in-depth conversation around topics like home lending or auto loans, while lowering the cost of routine transaction. This is all while maintaining a human touch and ensuring that members have a positive experience that builds their relationship with Pioneer.

The video room features a large, high definition screen and comfortable seating for multiple members. This allows for more private conversations and can connect members with expert service when the branch is busy, or the member has a question that can’t be answered in the branch.

Momentum Moment

As part of the design-build process, Momentum worked with the Pioneer Federal Credit Union team to identify pain points in their existing facilities. One issue that was identified was that the branches could be noisy.

Our design team pays special attention to acoustic design, as excess noise can be distracting to those trying to work or focus on conversations and it can lead to a lack of privacy for members.

For this project, we use acoustic panels and acoustically treated materials extensively. In Pioneer’s lobby, surrounded by teller pods, hotel offices, and ITMs, there are many potential sources of noise. Yet when the branch is busy, it’s also surprisingly quiet. The acoustic design effectively mitigates noise and so that members can have quiet, private conversations at the ITMs that don’t disturb conversations at the teller pods.

The result is a more relaxing, personal environment that gives employees lower stress and members a better sense of privacy.

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