Branch Projects
Red Canoe Credit Union

The Challenge

Build a branch network in the spirit of a new brand identity

Project Background

Founded in 1937, Red Canoe has over 54,000 members and more than $600 million in assets. Momentum’s relationship with Red Canoe, an iconic name throughout the state of Washington, spans more than a decade. Together, we have partnered on a branch prototype, a renovated headquarters, and rebranding effort to help position the organization, closely associated with Fortune 500 company Weyerhauser, for the future. 

Red Canoe was now looking to leverage this game-changing brand to expand its network of retail branches.

Award-Winning Retail Branches

Momentum worked closely with Red Canoe to develop an integrated approach to strategic branch planning, site selection, and strategic operations occupancy planning. For the Puyallup branch, the Momentum team located a prime site in a new retail center, with strong demographics and an existing membership in a nearby high-traffic area.

Momentum broke ground and turned over the facility in record time, almost five weeks ahead of schedule. More than 7% of the project cost was returned to Red Canoe in savings. Branches have subsequently been completed in Longview, Kelso, Castle Rock and a new branch is planned for Covington, Washington.

I truly love Momentum; you always have our best interest in consideration with all that you do for us.”  

          Debbie Malone, VP of OperationsRed Canoe Credit Union

Momentum Moment

Red Canoe wanted to fit their new branch prototype into an outparcel half the size of their regular branches, while retaining all of the functionality. The Momentum team analyzed the location and came up with an efficient design that not only doubled the space efficiency of the branch to accommodate for the smaller footprint, but also anticipated future expansion into an adjacent space.

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