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RiverFall Credit Union

The Challenge

Bring a new brand identity to life as an organization broadens its focus

Project Background

RiverFall Credit Union has served the Tuscaloosa area since 1953, growing to more than 8,500 members and assets of $120 million. In 2014, the organization expanded its charter and changed its name from Tuscaloosa Teachers Credit Union to RiverFall Credit Union. RiverFall engaged Momentum to develop a branch network strategy to support its shift from a local education-based membership to a broader membership base.

Local Inspiration & Scalable Growth

Momentum developed a branch prototype design and branding to bring Riverfall’s new name and mission to life. Through two new branches — a major renovation and one new building – the Momentum team demonstrated a full amenity branch design can be achieved in a small footprint. The full-service branches include drive-thru tellers and ATMs, interior Smart ATMs with live tellers, teller pods with universal associates, tablets for mobile banking, digital merchandising, and paperless branches.

Momentum’s assistance was significant. The new layout enables us to implement a different style of service delivery – a retail style that is more interactive, open and accommodates more member interaction and engagement.”

Greg Sasssaman, Former President & CEO / RiverFall Credit Union

Momentum Moment

RiverFall’s branch prototype incorporated the narrative of the credit union’s history and its new name. The river theme also came to life in Riverfall’s rebranding campaign, “Fresh Banking.” Existing branches needed to be updated to the new prototype design, and one older branch presented a particular challenge with its vintage 1980s exterior that clashed with the new prototype design. But Momentum took on the challenge and transformed the building to look like a new construction, even staining the brick to make it look vibrant and fresh!

In the pre-construction phase, we were able to develop personal relationships with the Momentum team and have fun in the process.” 

Susan Butler, Marketing DirectorRiverFall Credit Union

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