Branch Projects
Sound Credit Union

The Challenge

Bring the updated Sound Credit Union brand to life in a branch environment designed to break down barriers and help staff deliver more personal service.

Project Background

With their Federal Way branch undergoing a relocation due to a light rail construction project, the Sound Credit Union team looked at the situation as an opportunity to transition from teller lines to a more open and modern design that reflects their updated brand.

Celebrating their Puget Sound RootsSound Federal Way - Branch Design Build Project

Sound Credit Union’s brand is rooted in the culture and natural beauty of the Puget Sound, and Momentum’s design team worked with the credit union to create an atmosphere that brings this relationship to life.

Wood surfaces with bright accent colors give the branch a natural feeling while keeping the interior bright and energetic.  The nonlinear design of the interior gives the branch a sense of depth, making it appear bigger than it actually is and creating distinct space for each part of the branch.

The big, open space gives branch staff an opportunity to meet and converse with members without any barriers before moving to a teller pod to discuss transactions and services. It’s difficult for financial institutions to differentiate themselves, but these kind of interactions establish Sound Credit Union as more than just a bank.

Momentum Moment

This location receives a high transaction volume, but the Sound CU team didn’t want an extended row of teller pods where people line up for services. Momentum’s designers came up with a unique solution – the wave bar. In front of a wave-shaped nook on the opposite side of the primary teller pods, the designers added an extra teller pod where members with simple transactions are directed. This allows the branch staff to quickly and efficiently service routine transactions while associates can take their time with more complex issues at the main teller pods without pressure from a line building up.

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