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The Challenge

Make TwinStar Credit Union’s branches relevant to a diverse membership base with a customized design build strategy

Project Background

Hazel Dell and Aberdeen are very different markets with different demographics. The Hazel Dell branch, in an urban Portland suburb, serves members that favor online and mobile banking for basic transactions. Here, the branch environment focuses on more in depth conversations about financial products and services, and general financial advice and problem solving. The Aberdeen branch, in a small city on the Washington Coast, serves a wider geographical area, higher transaction volumes, and functions as a full-service financial hub in a relatively underserved area.

Neighborhood Level CustomizationTwinStar Credit Union Aberdeen - Branch Design Build Project

Momentum worked with TwinStar Credit Union to develop a new flexible prototype branch design and delivery model to drive their diverse branching strategy. The design focuses on universal associate staffing and has a modern take on TwinStar’s brand identity. Each branch is customized for the local culture, the needs of members at their particular location, and different levels of technology integration.

The Aberdeen location is a 5,000 foot new construction regional hub offering a full range of financial services for the community. Teller pods support staff mobility and high transaction volumes, while dedicated offices facilitate lending and other consultative services.

The Hazel Dell branch is a 2,000 square foot tenant build-out in a more pedestrian oriented retail hub. In lieu of the teller line or pod required to service high transaction volume demands, the Hazel Dell branch features conversation areas similar to a kitchen island or café where branch staff and members can sit or stand and discuss banking issues in a more personal and informal setting.

Momentum Moment

The greatest success in a project is hearing feedback from a client that a facility is being used exactly as designed and this is helping them achieve their business goals.

We’ve noticed a change in member behavior – they are not coming in for simple transactions nearly as often because most of those can be done electronically. The new Hazel Dell branch allows us provide our members answers to financial questions and help them set up accounts on their phone or computer. This consultative approach gives us the ability to customize the member experience for each of them.

Jeff Kennedy, President/CEO / TwinStar Credit Union


We believe that collaboration and open communication are the foundation of successful projects. In the design-build project model, sharing knowledge and ideas is fundamental.

Design-build breaks down barriers between the designer, the builder, and the people who will actually use the building. The team works together to establish a shared vision of success. Everyone is free to contribute their best ideas at the right time, when they have the greatest chance of improving the project. On a design-build project, as team members experience the value of integrating diverse viewpoints, they develop trust. Communication increases. Friction decreases. The project takes on its own forward motion, and the sense of tangible progress makes the process energizing and fun. The end result is better branching and workplace strategies that deliver on our partners’ goal, better relationships, and better buildings.

To learn more about the process, visit our Services page. And don’t forget to check out our Insights page for our latest insights into issues facing credit unions and community banks, from branch transformation strategies to the impact of evolving customer experience demands. We’ve also published a Quick Start Your Branch Transformation Guide with activities that will help you plan and kick off your next project!

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