Branch Projects
Ventura County Credit Union

The Challenge

Increase member touch points and cultivate relationships through advanced technology integration

Project Background

With nearly 59,000 members and $670 million in total assets, Ventura County Credit Union (VCCU) is the largest credit union exclusively serving Ventura County California. VCCU’s strong brand reflects the area’s agricultural roots and is influenced by nearby coastal communities such as Port Hueneme.

The organization’s branch service model had supported high transaction levels, with branch circulation based around teller lines. VCCU was ready to make a shift to a hospitality/concierge service model and engaged Momentum for two retail branch renovation projects. 

Brand Authenticity

“Living the Life” , is about making VCCU’s members’ financial lives easier – so that they have the freedom of time and spirit to focus on the good things in life. The VCCU team worked with Weber Marketing Group to develop a brand palette reflective of the good things in Ventura County. Rich greens, and reds mirror the salad bowl produce proudly grown in the County and shipped across the country. Gold was woven in to pay homage to the County’s miles of Pacific coastline. Momentum’s team then designed the interior environment to tie in with and enhance VCCU’s fresh and easy brand. Bright and modern finishes were chosen to invigorate the space. The branch experience was designed to be more comfortable and less formal, and therefore, easier to experience.

Momentum Momentum

The credit union had a commitment to open the Port Hueneme renovation location in three and a half months. In this time, Momentum was able to complete a prototype branch design, permit and procure the project, and deliver a branch opening. One key to achieving the target opening date was finding and procuring quick-ship materials and furnishings, and having a formalized decision tree for quickly addressing unforeseen field conditions.

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