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Verity Credit Union

The Challenge

Verity Credit Union wanted to capture market share where they had the highest likelihood for success: The neighborhoods of Seattle

Project Background

It had been over seven years since Verity Credit Union’s last branch opening. Through Verity Mom and other marketing and product initiatives, the credit union had secured a niche reputation for highly personalized member service. With a need for continued growth, the team turned to Momentum to recommend new locations and implement an improved branch delivery model with a fresh prototype design.

Neighborhood Branch

Momentum analyzed the neighborhoods of Seattle and delivered a five-year network growth strategy that was connected to Verity Credit Union’s optimal member demographic. The first three branches Momentum designed and built are in the Greenwood, Ballard, and West Seattle communities.

Unique and authentic member experiences are a cornerstone of Verity’s in-branch strategy. Reflecting the values of the local community is a “must-have” component of the retail environment’s design, Verity Credit Union strives to help its members take charge of their own financial well-being. The localized environment establishes a common point between the member and Verity associate and is an opening towards that conversation.

Verity Credit Union - A Branch Design Build ProjectThe new tellerless branch design supports Verity’s universal approach towards staffing. Self-service transaction options, shared uses of meeting spaces, and broadly adopted mobile technology have all led to a decreased footprint requirement. Ultimately, each branch design decision was geared towards supporting a more relevant and meaningful member experience.

The West Seattle branch design takes Verity Credit Union’s commitment to the community even further, with a retractable facade that opens the front of the branch completely to the street. This feature has inspired high levels of branch traffic, as members of the community drop in to check things out.

LEED Silver certification for their branches confirm both Verity and Momentum’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Momentum Moment

Most office furniture is manufactured in the Midwest, but a local manufacturer was more in line with Verity’s hyper-local brand identity and helped reduce the branch’s carbon footprint. The Momentum Team took Verity on a tour of Seattle furniture builders and found local furniture designs that complimented the branch’s open, modern, and collaborative environment. Furniture is a critical but often overlooked aspect of credit union branch design.

The LEED® Certification trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used with permission.   



We believe that collaboration and open communication are the foundation of successful projects. In the design-build project model, sharing knowledge and ideas is fundamental.

Design-build breaks down barriers between the designer, the builder, and the people who will actually use the building. The team works together to establish a shared vision of success. Everyone is free to contribute their best ideas at the right time, when they have the greatest chance of improving the project. On a design-build project, as team members experience the value of integrating diverse viewpoints, they develop trust. Communication increases. Friction decreases. The project takes on its own forward motion, and the sense of tangible progress makes the process energizing and fun. The end result is better branching and workplace strategies that deliver on our partners’ goal, better relationships, and better buildings.

To learn more about the process, visit our Services page. And don’t forget to check out our Insights page for our latest insights into issues facing credit unions and community banks, from branch transformation strategies to the impact of evolving customer experience demands. We’ve also published a Quick Start Your Branch Transformation Guide with activities that will help you plan and kick off your next project!

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