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3Rivers Federal Credit Union Headquarters Campus

The Challenge

Create a new headquarters campus for an 80-year-old community institution that had outgrown its facility

Project Background

3Rivers Federal Credit Union encountered rapid growth in the years following the Great Recession. Just a few years prior, they put on hold the operations center expansion needed to house a disparately placed and crowded employee team. This pause in the planning process was serendipitous. Now they had the opportunity to leverage even higher levels of organizational performance through a comprehensive and transformational workplace strategy.

“Help us create a campus that immediately conveys to our employees the freedom to think and do differently,” Momentum was asked.  3Rivers had core cultural values and operational process competencies in place. The workplace facility could no longer stand in the way of achieving the credit union’s carefully laid strategy; it needed to be a component to helping them achieve it.

Versatility. Connectivity. Performance.

Nurture personal relationships and enhance collaboration were two early established design directives. This led to a single-story building solution, which maximized both team member adjacency and access. Leaders were located next to their team members in three-walled office stalls, for easy and immediate access and feedback.

The executive team was located in the center of the building, a physical representation of their connection to each division of the organization. Private meeting rooms and less formal co-working spaces were ample, spread throughout the floor plan. Most importantly, employees would be given the freedom to use these spaces when they wanted to.

During the planning process, Momentum committed to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and delivery date. On November 26, 2012, 3Rivers moved into the building on the same date the project team had committed to 18 months earlier. The design-build delivery process led to quicker project completion and improved team member collaboration. This resulted in significant savings during project bidding, and additional savings over the GMP upon final project completion. 

The LEED Certified Silver building incorporates state-of-the-art mechanical systems for enhanced energy efficiency, and carefully specified glazing and shading systems designed to decrease heating and cooling needs while improving the comfort of building occupants.

Momentum Moment

3Rivers asked Momentum to help make the case for investing in their employee team through a world-class workplace facility. Thus was born Momentum’s proprietary Total Investment Analysis model: A holistic approach to understanding the life cycle costs of owning a workplace facility, and the potential return on investment available from an optimized work environment.

The completion of our Northland Campus positions 3Rivers to work more collaboratively and efficiently and to better serve our members.”

Don Cates, President & CEO / 3Rivers Federal Credit Union

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