Workplace Projects
Campus Federal Credit Union – Lending Center

The Challenge

Bring the people of Campus Federal Credit Union together across departments and locations in a healthy and engaging environment.

Project Background

Campus Federal Credit Union recently purchased a property in Baton Rouge with incredible street presence and visibility in a highly trafficked part of the city, an ideal location for their next full-service branch and lending center with room to expand their operations space with a 27,500 square foot building.

The goal of the new branch was to expand technology and employee resources to support lending growth initiatives and offer a centrally located lending hub in the Baton Rouge community.

On the operations side, a Leesman survey and discussions with the credit union team identified priorities for both the organization and employees. Topping the list were key Activity Based Working (ABW) points. Employees wanted access to their team members and both physical spaces and technology support to work across departments, as well as private spaces away from distractions where they can work alone or hold private conversations.

Bringing People Together

The main theme of this project is building connections between Campus Federal employees. With the workforce spread across multiple locations and virtual environments, employees need ways to effectively work together both in-person and virtually.

In the office, a mix of assigned and unassigned offices along with open office areas gives employees flexibility around how they work on individual tasks. A variety of meeting spaces with technology support allow them to collaborate in small or large groups within teams, across departments, and even across locations and with remote staff.

The new building has a traditional feeling with a modern twist that embraces the Campus Federal brand identity, creating a cultural center for the organization. The space is clean, bright, and healthy, with amenities such as community rooms and a rooftop deck that give employees a respite from their daily tasks and technology and more opportunities to connect. Not only does this space support office staff, it also gives hybrid and remote staff an incentive to spend more days working in the office.

Wellbeing also plays a central role in the building’s design. Not only did the Campus team want employees to feel safe returning to the office, they understood that healthy work environments make people feel more comfortable and less stresses and enrich the exchange of ideas while making it easier for people to connect. To achieve this, Momentum’s design team followed guidelines from the IWBI’s Well Building Standard in every aspect of the design. This includes an advanced HVAC system that provides fresh, clean air, natural lighting, acoustic surfaces, and ergonomic workstations.

Our mission is to be your trusted financial partner for every stage of your life. To fulfill that mission, we are committed to continual investments in our digital banking technology and physical locations.  This facility provides a modern banking experience while allowing us to expand to accommodate growth at our Perkins Headquarters and better serve our members’ needs.” – Campus Federal President and CEO Jane Verret

Momentum Moment

Campus Federal had originally purchased this property as an ideal location for their next branch. The location was originally intended to replace a leased branch. Yet while they were developing their workplace strategy with the Momentum team for an upcoming headquarters project, the Campus Federal team realized that this property had untapped potential.

Working with Momentum, the credit union built a business case for maxing out the property with a 27,500 square foot building that not only alleviates space pressure in the short term but also provides tenant revenue and space to grow into as the team expands.

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