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Fibre Federal Credit Union Headquarters Campus

The Challenge

Double down on commitment to downtown and community values

Project Background

Founded in 1937, Fibre Federal Credit Union greeted the new century with a decade of unprecedented growth. This success, combined with organizational evolution, meant that the operations staff couldn’t serve its members well in its existing facilities. The legacy main branch hosted enormous member traffic and operations was becoming crowded out. Fibre needed a flexible, long-term facilities strategy that honored their community-based legacy and would be sustainable over time.

Community-Centric HQ

Should they develop outside of town where land was less expensive? Was it a viable option to relocate entirely? Momentum worked with Fibre to explore options and to define the credit union’s needs. Momentum developed a campus strategy to reinvest in downtown Longview identifying a site right across the street from the existing main branch. 

Instead of just coming in and suggesting they can build a building for us, they really wanted to understand our growth needs. It’s a deeper relationship than that.”

Larry Hoff, CEO & PresidentFibre Federal Credit Union

Careful planning and creative work with the city enabled Momentum to propose a 43,000-square-foot facility, using an adjacent property to support staff parking needs. Momentum also remediated and removed a defunct lumber warehouse from the new site to meet the state’s environmental requirements. A direct walkway connected the main branch and operations staff. 

The building was designed with efficiency and growth in mind, as well as to provide lease income in the interim. With this strategy, Fibre could support the revitalization of the city while giving its administration the facilities necessary to thrive. 

Momentum Moment

Fibre insisted that local talent be given priority for the construction team. Momentum’s project managers built a first-class process, with Fibre’s involvement, to source local union craftsman and regional suppliers. This entirely local team has continued through numerous projects to deliver exceptional value to Fibre’s organization.

See how Fibre Federal Credit Union and Momentum have worked together to transform the traditional client-vendor relationship. (2:29)

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