Workplace Projects
Golden Plains Credit Union Headquarters

The Challenge

Fuel long-term growth while strengthening a distinctive brand

Project Background

Founded in 1951, Golden Plains Credit Union now has more than $386 million in assets, 54,000 members and 145 employees. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of operation reflects its brand message, “Life…with a Touch of Gold.”

In 2010, Golden Plains decided to replace an aged main branch with a new main operations facility for greater efficiency, improved member services and enhanced employee well-being. The existing facility was so small, Golden Plains literally had staff in closets.

We came out of the project with a wonderful building that has all the qualities we were hoping for. Also, the building “flow” is better than we anticipated. Departments are in the proper location, we have room for many additional staff members, and our members enjoy the inviting, roomy and comfortable public spaces. We received excellent value in this building. And we gained a trusted building partner for future needs.”

Erich Schaefer, PresidentGolden Plains Credit Union

More Efficient Headquarters

Golden Plain had the forethought to acquire adjacent home parcels in the years proceeding the new project. Momentum worked with city authorities to change the use, consolidate the property and obtain all entitlements necessary for the project to proceed. The new facility was started next door while operations continued in the old. Once completed, the credit union moved in and said goodbye to the outdated building. It was demolished, and the new facility’s expanded drive-thru was built.

The newly constructed 47,000 square foot headquarters includes a flagship main branch, fitness center, lending center and high-tech training facilities. The office space will accommodate 15 years of projected growth, improved interdepartmental interactions, and a scalable plan for future expansion.

Momentum Moment

Momentum invited Golden Plains to collaborate in an intensive three-day onsite session, diving deep into project requirements, employee needs, design and projected cost. The result was a strategic operations occupancy plan that created a road map to solve the credit union’s space constraint issues, creating a strong foundation for growth.

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