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Pioneer Federal Credit Union Headquarters Campus

The Challenge

Recruit the best talent in the region with a workplace that stands out as a great place to work.

Project Background

Pioneer Federal Credit Union’s mission is resonating with the people of Idaho, and as a result the team has outgrown their space. Much of this growth was in their contact center, where video tellers support expanding video banking services. This was a good problem to have, giving the credit union an opportunity to step back and create an operations space plan that truly works for both their staff and the community.

A Vibrant Campus in a Small Town

Pioneer’s main operations space is located in Mountain Home, Idaho, a small town about 45 minutes outside of Boise. With this expansion project they had the opportunity to build a facility in Boise, but the credit union chose to double down on their commitment to the community of Mountain Home, a town that is as much a part of Pioneer as Pioneer is a part of the town.

The expansion plan consists of transforming the property into a campus, completely renovating the existing headquarters and adding a new two-story building. The two buildings will be brought together by a unique space called The Connector, an innovative space that also brings people together.  It contains indoor and outdoor spaces for both members and employees and creates a community atmosphere between the buildings of the campus.

Employee Driven Design

A major goal of this project is becoming a great place to work, and a key part of that is the employee wellness strategy. Happy and healthy workers are more productive, and providing a great workplace is a powerful recruiting tool. There is also the issue that many of the employees commute to work, and working in a small (but quickly growing!) town can be isolating.

This is why Pioneer and Momentum took an employee-driven approach to designing the campus. The process began with a survey from Leesman, our workplace data partner, where all existing employees shared what was working with their current workplace and what was important to them. This is an important step in workplace design, as 80% of wellness efforts fail due to not aligning with what’s important to employees. By understanding what’s important, it’s possible to make successful investments by targeting them to employees’ specific needs.

One major insight that Pioneer and Momentum uncovered is that many employees work out in the morning, but that’s difficult to do in the morning before a drive in to work and there are no gyms near the campus. Momentum’s designers added a gym to the campus design to address this need, and the employees are excited about the new amenity!

Momentum, Pioneer, and the community of Mountain Home are excited to see the plan and design come to fruition as the construction team breaks ground. Keep an eye on this page, we’ll be updating it with in-progress shots of the construction and finished photos when the project is complete!

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