Branch Transformation

Shifting the focus from transactions to conversations.

Retail Branch Design and Prototyping

The key to designing a high-performing brick-and-mortar branch is to focus on customer needs while unifying the experience across physical and digital delivery channels. Financial institutions must create immersive and meaningful branch environments that are intuitive to navigate, technology enhanced, and that leverage the organization’s brand and culture towards consistent, high-quality interactions. Our retail branch strategy team brings years of experience delivering the highest performing branches.

Check out our TwinStar case study to see this concept in practice.

Branch Network Strategy

What is your process for evaluating your branch network? Can you answer the question, “What would be the impact of relocating an existing branch?” or “Which locations would result in the highest deposit growth?”

We’re surrounded by data, and that data can tell a powerful story. Our data science partners use cutting edge predictive modeling and GIS technology to analyze our clients’ branch networks and markets and make specific and actionable branch network recommendations.

Out of the box software can give you great visualizations of historical data, but we can show you the future impact of your strategic decisions through predictive analytics. Which would you rather take to the board?

Brand Integration

Your branch is a physical embodiment of your brand, and a thoughtfully conveyed brand is a critical component of an engaging retail environment. Branches that fail to bring your brand to life are uninspiring and a missed opportunity, but embracing your brand in the retail environment will differentiate your organization from other financial institutions in the market and unify your physical and digital retail channels.

Our interior designers will work alongside your team to gain a deep understanding of who you are, why you exist, and why you matter to your customers, and will use this insight to develop designs that pull your brand identity into the physical world.

Technology Strategy and Implementation

An effective branch technology strategy will enhance the synergy between your mobile and physical delivery channels. It will also help your staff be more efficient as they engage your customers through natural and useful interactions.

We believe that a sound strategy around branch technology is led by objectives, and not driven by the intrigue of the technology itself. When you invest in in-branch technology, it needs to have a clear and useful purpose both for customers and your organization. Our retail team’s process towards in-branch technology integration will ensure the selections you make drive better experiences and greater branch efficiency.

Integrated Project Delivery

Our Design-Build approach brings together the construction and design teams from the beginning of a retail branch project to deliver a turnkey solution with a single point of contact. Does your organization achieve higher levels of success when your team members collaborate better?  So does ours. Branch project delivery, from early requirements definition, to construction and occupancy, is most successful when team members collaborate closely throughout a project. 

A Design-Build approach to branch delivery brings together the most important project stakeholders as early as possible. This creates predictability and cost savings by ensuring the financial institution’s objectives are met while input from vendors and trade contractors helps us verify the cost impact of the design team’s decisions – a level of real-time validation that is impossible through a traditional design then bid then build delivery format.


Credit Unions and Community Banks lead the way in promoting environmental sustainability and healthy communities. We’re here to support your organization through sustainable designs, construction techniques, and occupancy strategies. Many of our clients have pursued and earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification for their facilities, a distinction that sets them apart from other financial institutions.

LEED Certified building use less water, energy, and natural resources while promoting the health of their occupants, and owners see significant cost savings.

Real Estate Process Management

Our project management team has the answers to your real estate problems. We work with brokers and turn the firehose of information into a carefully curated short-list of opportunities that have the best fit for your situation, based on an analysis of the local markets and the project site requirements.

We leave no stone unturned during our due diligence process, ensuring that there are no surprises when the project enters the construction phase.

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