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The art, craft and science of project management.

PLANNING CHARTER Stakeholder Analysis Requirements Work Breakdown Risk Management Develop Schedule & Budget EXECUTE CONTROL CLOSING


How does Momentum deliver success project after project? Simply put, Process. By leveraging a proven framework and industry best practices, our team delivers consistent results year after year.

Whether it is a market analysis or the construction of a new multi-million dollar operations center, Momentum anchors in a proven approach to defining, then delivering successful projects. Our approach is grounded in the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the global gold standard for project management excellence. Using the process outlined/defined by Project Management for the Pros, we identify any potential risks up-front, address shifting priorities, and have the ability to adjust and execute quickly.

As an integrated, end-to-end discipline, our 9 step process ensures project efficiency and quality giving you the peace of mind to remain focused on the operations of your business.


Building a strategic road map begins with a clear definition of expected outcomes. Momentum works collaboratively with your team to weigh your organizational priorities against existing market constraints and internal resources.  Together, we create a guiding purpose, a Charter, to clearly define the project’s goals.

Part of our role as your partner is to help you explore the realm of possibility and align it with your organizational objectives. Facilities that look good are one thing, but facilities that drive results can take your organization to the next level.   

2Stakeholder Analysis

Every project, big or small, has Stakeholders.  Early on Momentum integrates the people and organizations that have influence or impact on your project to eliminate surprises and ensure all the requirements of the project make it to the table.


Our collaborative Alignment process challenges you to explore new possibilities for not only your facilities, but for your entire organization.  Together we inspire intense thought and dialogue around every element of your facility’s design with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest level of performance, flexibility and brand consistency. These requirements become the DNA that defines your project.

4Work Breakdown Structure

Requirements translate into necessary work and clearly understanding the work necessary to successfully meet your project goals is critical.  At Momentum we build a comprehensive inventory of all the work to make sure everyone’s commitments will be on task, on budget and on time.

5Risk Management

Risk exists on every project.  The question is, have you accounted for the risks and planned accordingly?  With a detailed inventory of work risks can be assessed and effectively managed.  Leveraging industry best practices, our team is diligent about the use of metrics, documentation and quality assurance measures to control risk.

6Schedule and Budget

How long will it take and how much will it cost?  Developing comprehensive schedule and budgets are a hallmark of our planning process.  Momentum’s 10 plus years of experience in successfully delivering retail, workplace and educational facilities nationwide give us the history to accurately estimate your project early and manage both design and schedule to deliver on expectations.


Flawless execution is what sets Momentum apart. Our process ensures every stakeholder requirement is met and nothing falls through the cracks, every project comes under budget and every deadline is met. Careful consideration is given to the selection and assembly of the perfect project management team to drive successful results from your initiatives.


Our team implements solutions with rigor and discipline, controlling risk and managing change.  Our process understands that surprises and opportunities come up in projects so we use a double feedback loop that is continuously weighed against the design directives.  Our diligence in the planning phase of projects creates exceptional decision criteria so that every opportunity can be quickly evaluated.


Our work does not end with a ribbon cutting ceremony. We understand that continuous improvement is essential to our ability to stay of the forefront on the industry and consistently exceed client expectations.

Therefore, we utilize comprehensive closing checklists, surveys, and detailed interviews with your team, remaining committed to learning from every project. There is a reason our clients repeatedly engage us on their facilities initiatives. We deliver.

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