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Engagement, collaboration, productivity - the results of exceptional workplace design.

Effective Workplace Strategy

We believe that your headquarters office is a powerful tool to support your team’s performance. We must find out what it is about your workplace that help your teams perform and what is standing in the way. This is why we look beyond design trends and the open-office debate and dig deep into what kind of work your staff is doing, how your teams need to come together, and how this work and interaction is supported by your workspaces. With our workplace data partner, Leesman, we gather extensive data about your work environment and use that information to develop a workplace plan focused on helping your organization and employees thrive.

Long Term Facility Solutions

We don’t just plan for today, we help you understand and maximize the long-term impact a workplace will have on your organization. From projecting staff growth to planning for further evolution in the way work is done, we deliver facilities that continue to perform throughout their lifecycle.

The National Institute of Building Scientists estimates that the design and construction of a building account for just 2% of its lifecycle cost. When you consider the impact that the design of a building has on the other 98% of its lifecycle costs, such as maintenance, energy usage, and employee productivity, up front investments in sustainable, data driven design can pay dividends. Our Total Investment Analysis process helps our clients consider the costs and benefits of their workplace decisions quickly, and ultimately make choices that enhance their organization’s long-term strength.


Low employee engagement and productivity is a silent crisis in today’s workplaces. According to Gallup, only 33% of workers are actively engaged with their work. And our workplace data partner, Leesman, reports that only half of their respondents believe that their workplace enables their productivity.

The work we do has shifted from routine task completion and a focus on individual achievement to higher level, knowledge and project based work. Traditional workplaces fail to effectively support the work your employees are trying to do. As you embark on your new workplace strategy, you may quickly realize that as you address the things that are holding you back in your current headquarters, the future work environment planned for your team may appear a bit unfamiliar or unclear.

Momentum develops and leads Workplace Change Management Strategies for our clients that help build team buy-in and understanding of the benefits and changes planned for their transformed work environments. Learn more about the 7 steps towards successful workplace change management.

Integrated Project Delivery

Our projects follow an integrated delivery process called Design-Build, where we bring the entire project team together from the beginning and deliver a turnkey solution through a single point of contact. This integrated project delivery ensures that everybody involved shares the same vision of project success and understands how their role fits into the bigger picture.

What sets apart Momentum’s design-build delivery is our methodical approach to the integration of information, processes, and organizations. We start by ensuring a clear understanding of our client’s performance requirements. This level of collaboration brings predictability and cost savings to projects. The project team is able to communicate with trade contractors and vendors to gauge performance, estimate costs and define schedule requirements early on. Traditional design then bid project delivery formats do not incorporate real-time construction and product information early enough to have an optimal impact. This is why most sophisticated building users are moving to integrated project delivery formats to magnify their project’s success.

Sustainability and Wellness

Credit Unions and Community Banks lead the way in promoting environmental sustainability and healthy communities. We’re here to support your organization through sustainable designs, construction techniques, and occupancy strategies that will benefit your employee team, the environment, and your bottom line. Our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited team members have helped many of our clients earn LEED Certification for their facilities, a distinction that sets them apart from other financial institutions. And for our clients even more focused on the wellbeing of their employee team members, we have introduced them to the new WELL building standard, an independent third-party certification process intended to promote human health and well-being in buildings.

Real Estate Strategy

Selecting the right headquarters location is a complex task with enormous impact on a financial institution’s performance. Our project management team will help you complete your location selection quest. We work with our clients to develop site selection criteria and perform the financial analysis needed to weigh the costs and benefits of various new construction, renovation, and lease occupancy options. Following our integrated model, we bring on board the team of professionals needed to facilitate the transaction and complete the due diligence that will ensure there are no surprises as your project enters the design and construction phases.

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