TwinStar Credit Union and Momentum Celebrate Grand Opening in Aberdeen, WA

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Momentum, a national plan-design-build firm, joined TwinStar Credit Union in celebrating the grand opening of their new 5,000 square foot branch in Aberdeen, WA.

The new retail banking hub replaces a smaller, aging location, and serves the Aberdeen market with a full range of financial products and services while also supporting high transaction volumes.

Momentum’s design team, partnered with SUM Design Studio + architecture, worked with TwinStar to model a branch design that would counter the often dreary weather of the pacific northwest. A pitched roof with clerestory windows brings in a significant amount of natural light, highlighting a vibrant interior dressed with bright colors and ample natural materials. The building also serves as a billboard for the credit union, with an eye-catching design and prominent location at the gateway to the community.

“We’re pleased to open this modern branch in Aberdeen.  The inviting design combined with the high degree of functionality will allow us to serve our loyal members in Aberdeen for a long, long time,” said Jeff Kennedy, TwinStar Credit Union President.

The branch design is based on a new prototype branch model that Momentum developed with TwinStar and also deployed recently in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Hazel Dell. The branches share certain features, such as a tech bar that staff can use to educate members in using mobile technology, and laptops that help staff access core systems anywhere in the branch.

The two locations differ, however, in their transaction zone and consultation set-up. The Aberdeen branch features teller pods to support the local members’ preferences for in-person transactions as well as hotel offices for more private, consultative transactions. This is a contrast to Hazel Dell, which forgoes the teller pods in favor of a café style conversation zone for more personal and casual member interactions.

“Something the TwinStar team embraced at both locations was the idea that untethered technology, more open transaction zones, and un-assigned hotel offices would help the Credit Union respond more easily to future shifts in member needs and the way they use the branch. I think this is a great idea and will lead to a longer lifespan for this retail model implementation,” said Mark Alguard, Momentum’s Director of Strategic Services.

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