Credit Union Trends Relative to Workplace – Jenny Featured on The Speakeasy Podcast by EmpowerFi

Our Design Director Jenny Bengeult joins Kelly Hellickson and Hilary Reed at EmpowerFi on their podcast The Speakeasy for a series of three episodes on credit union trends relative to employees, brand, and workplaces.

In this final episode, Trends Relative to Workplaces, Jenny and the EmpowerFi team discuss how employee expectations around work have evolved coming out of the pandemic. This is a situation the industry has never been through, and credit union leadership teams now have to navigate workplaces, remote work, and hybrid working. There are no one-size-fits-all solution for credit unions, but in recognizing the value of your employees and placing  trust in them you can build an effective strategy for your organization.

Listen now on EmpowerFI’s website or via the embedded Spotify player.


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