CUBroadcast: Mark Discusses Workplace Wellness

Join Mark as Mike Lawson interviews him on the topic of workplace wellness for the latest CU Broadcast interview. In the interview, Mark discusses why workplace wellness is an important issue to credit unions and ways that an employee’s wellbeing is affected by their physical workplace. He demonstrates that investing in wellbeing doesn’t only benefit employees, having a happy, healthy workforce also pays dividends to the credit unions that make the investment.

Here’s a short excerpt from the interview:

Mike: Why is wellness an important thing for a credit union to be thinking about these days?

Mark: A building exists to house people, and if you ask any organization “what’s the key to your success?” the answer is going to be “our people.” Credit unions really need to be thinking about “how can we have a healthier workforce?” Studies have shown that a workforce that’s healthy is more engaged with the work they’re doing every day, there’s lower absenteeism, and especially with credit unions where there’s a mission of “people helping people,” if your staff are healthy they are going to be better able to connect and help your membership.
I recently saw a stat that said for every dollar an organization invests in wellbeing, they can see over three dollars in return, just on medical costs.

Mike: Wow, that’s a good investment right there!

To hear more insight into the issue of credit union workplace wellness and learn about strategies that can benefit both credit unions and their employees, watch the video above!

Also, check out part 2 of the interview below, where Mark dives into the topic of the changing nature of work and the impact that employee wellbeing has on credit union strategies to evolve their workplace to stay competitive and attract top talent.

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