The Art of Workplace Strategy: Data Driven Design (CUES webinar aired on 6/21/2016)

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What changes have you seen in the work being done at your credit union? In this webinar, workplace data expert Tim Oldman of Leesman joins Momentum’s Mark Alguard in a discussion of how the nature of financial industry work is changing and how data driven workplace strategies can help credit unions adapt.

Part 1: The Changing Nature of Credit Union Work
Tim and Mark discuss how technology is facilitating a shift from task based work to collaborative project based work.

Part 2: Data Will Inform Your Workplace Shift
Tim and Mark discuss how workplace data can be used and what questions it can answer.

Part 3: Why Your Workplace Matters
Tim and Mark discuss employee engagement statistics and the impact of the workplace on engagement.

Part 4: How Credit Unions Are Responding
Tim and Mark discuss examples of organizations that have used data to uncover a workplace strategy that adapts to their rapidly shifting mission.

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