Momentum Celebrates Leesman’s North American Launch

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SEATTLE, WA (May 5, 2016) – A team from Momentum attended a launch event to celebrate their workplace research partner, Leesman, opening their new office in New York and reaching a milestone of 150,000 workplace surveys collected from employees in 45 countries.

The Leesman Index is a tool that measures workplace effectiveness. It helps organizations understand what work activities are important to their team members, and how their workspaces and workplace amenities help support those activities. It also helps Momentum learn what elements of a building drive a more successful workplace experience for their clients. It is from this baseline that Momentum’s design team directs an optimized workplace strategy. Momentum has a long history with Leesman and was its first North American Partner.

The Index shows that only 55% of the workplace survey respondents agree that the design of their workplace enables them to work productively. Momentum believes this is just one area of significant opportunity for financial institutions looking to use their workplaces as a tool to support higher team performance. Leeman’s Academic Principle Dr. Peggie Rothe also revealed that work complexity is highly correlated to a need for a variety of different work settings within a typical office building, and those organizations with the highest performing workplaces typically provide work settings that better support their team member’s work away from their primary work area such as an office or workstation. More results can be found on Leesman’s website.

Leesman’s CEO Tim Oldman is excited about their US expansion and the partnership with Momentum. “Our benchmark data can help those in the US understand how their workplaces compare to the highest performing buildings and apply it to their spaces. We’ve already spoken to over 8,000 employees in North America and the New York office will facilitate our growth, enabling clients worldwide to be able to benefit from this shared learning.”

Momentum’s Strategic Team Leader, Mark Alguard, understands the importance of the Leesman Index too as Momentum’s clients have recognized that their operational work is evolving. “The nature of our client’s daily work is shifting. This shift has highlighted a need for the physical workplace to better support interactions and collaboration.” Over the next 6 months, Momentum will be working with Leesman to report on the future of financial institution work environments and the expected challenges they face.


About Leesman

The Leesman Index is the world’s largest collection of independent workplace effectiveness data which is now providing insight into how employees are supported in the workplace. Through an 11-minute, online questionnaire, Leesman assesses people’s satisfaction with their working environment across 90 areas. These include: workplace design and its impact on productivity; workplace activities such as meetings and focused work; workplace features including natural light, noise and temperature control; and workplace facilities such as cleanliness, security, refreshments and IT. 

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