Localization: Data-Driven Retail Design

We work closely with our financial institution partners to deliver retail brick and mortar strategies. Data is the cornerstone of these strategies, enabling us to turn our clients’ business objectives in to high performing retail spaces. Ask yourselves – How are you currently using data?

Data points you to the right delivery channel. It also helps you find the location with the most traffic, tells you where other retail stores are being built, and identifies where people have money to spend or need money to borrow. Ultimately, data helps you predict retail branch performance so that your organization can make sustainable financial investments.

Optimization in branch planning is even more critical now, in the age of digital banking. Branch transaction volumes have decreased over 45% in the last two decades, but while transactions have shifted online, most consumers still prefer to take care of more complicated issues in branch. Financial institutions must use data to anticipate the needs of these consumers and deliver a much more valuable banking experience.

We are surrounded by data. We believe this data can help you implement retail locations that are more unique and relevant to the local market, and this will help you deliver greater value to your customers. This webinar, “Localization: Data Driven Retail Design”, shares the story of three financial institutions and how we used data to tease out a unique and useful personality in their retail branch networks. Please enjoy!

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