The Impact of Remote Work on Credit Unions Now and Into the Future

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Adapting to Remote Work

For the past six weeks the entire world’s workforce has had to suddenly adapt to full time home working and that includes of course, the Credit Union world. Given the circumstances, there are many challenges that rise in today’s reality of home working, such as home schooling, sharing your space with a partner, children, friends, roommates and even pets! Tech challenges, including access to fast WiFi, secure connections and even access to a laptop or PC have proven to be difficult in some cases. One thing that we know for sure, the real estate and global workplace communities are undergoing their largest collective experiment and test ever and the events are unplanned. So how will we come out of this test? What lessons are we going to learn? And most importantly, how are we going to apply lessons learned? 

For almost a decade, Momentum and Leesman have been working closely together to better understand the unique world of the Credit Unions workplace. On April 29th, the two organisations got together along with Wendy Cleveland, COO of Sound Credit Union, to discuss the emerging challenges and to discuss the opportunities and risks Credit Unions will face as we emerge from this unparalleled situation. Watch the recording now! 

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