POV: You’re a Millennial Walking Into a High Tech Branch

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The following is a work of fiction inspired by this funny TikTok video of a millennial visiting [big bank name redacted]’s all-digital high-tech branch.

I’m a millennial looking for adventure in the world of banking. I decided to check out this new all-digital bank branch that everyone’s talking about.

I was expecting sleek, futuristic vibes, but it looks like a regular building. I’m kind of disappointed.

Oh well, I walk in. But hey, there aren’t any staff here. What gives?

“Hello, anyone here?” I call out, feeling like I’m in a creepy sci-fi movie.

Looking up at the sign … yep, I’m in the right place. But are there any people here to show me the ropes?

I start feeling old and out of touch. Sure I’m not a zoomer, but I’m still with it. Right?

I’m a millennial, I can handle technology. I’ve got this!

I approach the nearest machine, feeling like I’m about to hack into the Pentagon.

I press a button.

The screen comes to life, asking for my debit card or an account number.

Uhh, I just wanted to ask about their services.

I don’t even have an account here, so I awkwardly back away from the screen. And I look around, no signs of life. It’s like a digital ghost town.

Then I notice some tablets on the table. Maybe they’re for customer support?

I pick one up and it starts playing some promo video about their mobile app.

“I’m not interested in your app, I just want to talk to a human!” I say to the tablet, raising my voice in exasperation.

A security guard walks by the door and gives me a weird look, he probably thinks I’m crazy.

At this point, I’m annoyed, but too stubborn to leave without figuring this out.

I head over to the video ATM, maybe I can withdraw some cash.

Inserting my debit card, I mutter to myself “Isn’t there a manager, or a sentient AI, or anyone?”

Finally, a voice comes from a hidden speaker above, “Welcome to the future of banking!”

I try to engage in a conversation, but it’s an automated system.

“I don’t want THIS future! I just want to talk to a human!” I yell back, my frustration reaching its peak.

The voice apologizes and tells me they’re promoting a fully digital experience for maximum efficiency.

Efficiency? I just want to open an account without feeling like I’m in a dystopian sci-fi movie!

I storm out of the bank, defeated and annoyed, vowing to stick with my credit union. Maybe the world is moving on without me, but at least THEY aren’t.

What is the branch of the future?

The branch of the future means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For some, it’s a sleek, high-tech experience. For others, it’s concierge service not unlike an Apple Store.

But for members?

No matter what the branch of the future holds, every demographic shares one thing in common: when they walk into a branch, they want the option to talk to a human.

Want to learn more about how to define the branch of the future for your credit union? Check out the 2023 Branch Ideabook, The Human Era of Banking.


Photo by Mo Eid

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