Two Remote Working Insights from Microsoft’s Director of Workplace Intelligence

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(View Part 1 here.)

We recently hosted an insightful conversation between our own Mark Alguard and Erik Anderson, Director of Workplace Intelligence at Microsoft author of the HBR article “Microsoft Analyzed Data On Its Newly Remote Workforce” (

When Microsoft sent their employees home in response the pandemic, they measured what Erik refers to as “digital exhaust.” This is metadata from meetings and communication that captured insights into how employees worked, collaborated, and stayed connected with each other. There were surprising takeaways from the data, and more importantly the most effective management strategies were revealed.

Here in Part 2 of our webinar Credit Union Workplaces and the Transition to Remote Working, Erik introduces his research and lays out his first two insights from Microsoft’s transition to Remote work. Stay tuned for the third and final video to see his final takeaway and recommendations for credit unions, or skip ahead and watch the full webinar and download our whitepaper that inspired the conversation here!

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