Are Your Employees Proud of Their Workplace?

In the effort to build a winning corporate culture, many organizations focus on things such as comprehensive benefit plans, competitive compensation packages, health and wellness programs, or other creative employee perks. While all of these are important, one critical element that often gets overlooked is the physical workplace.

Momentum is wrapping up a comprehensive, year-long research project in collaboration with The Filene Institute and The Leesman Index, and it revealed some interesting insights about the role the workplace plays in employee engagement, satisfaction, retention and productivity. This research focused exclusively on Credit Union organizations, where we collected a data set of more than 1,300 respondents and analyzed it using The Leesman Index. The Credit Union data was then benchmarked against The Leesman Index’s global database of more than 600,000 participants. A few findings stood out to us when we compared the credit union data with data from the highest performing organizations in the world, those that have earned the Leesman+ ranking.

Momentum will be publishing a full whitepaper that details this research project in the coming weeks, but a few findings immediately stood out to us.

Only 58.5% of Credit Union employees agreed that they are proud to bring visitors to their workplace and that their workplace has a positive impact on culture.

Only 52.6% of Credit Union employees agreed that their workplace has a positive impact on the corporate image and a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

The research findings support taking a more holistic approach to employee engagement and corporate culture in the workplace. Do you understand what workplace decisions will ultimately lead to decreased friction and enhanced satisfaction? Do you have the information you need to leverage your workplace as a recruiting and retention tool and win the war for talent? Fill out the form below to be among the first to read our upcoming whitepaper and dig into the data!

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